Why do business with us?

Over the last five years, Israel has become a high-tech destination and we have found that cost of good quality technology professionals has gone up by as much as 50-100%. Specialized skills can be as expensive as in the US.

Outsourcing: The Best Talent at the Best Value

The biggest challenge that tech companies are facing is related to capacity: delivering working software while the backlog is full and capacity is limited.

Software Development in India

Our principal software development team is based in Mumbai, India at a world-class development facility with rigorous security standards.
This is strategic as India is by far the most desirable location for mid- to high-end software development capabilities.

GreenPoint Technology Services

Outsourced Software Development Services

We provide the best team for cost-effective and efficient software development.

Our Main Service Offerings

Web & Cloud Technologies

Our solutions meet the requirements of high scalability and security, micro services, service oriented design & architecture, cross browser & platform compatibility and rich user experience.

Product Development

Software customization and Business Process Redesign (BPR). We provide customizing of off the shelf software to make it tailor-made software.

Software Testing

End-to-end test coverage.
We perform all types of testing: functional, GUI, usability, security, database testing, cross-platform, cross-browser, accessibility, installation, configuration, localization, performance/load, stress testing etc.

GreenPoint Software Services

Comprehensive Cloud Development

Microsoft and Open Source Technologies

We have full access to all open source code for the Microsoft ecosystem. Enterprises are now not only comfortable using open source, they’re asking for it.

Cloud Assessments

We assess your unused cloud resources that you aren’t even aware of. Unused and abandoned resources keep racking up charges every month even though they aren’t being utilized. Cost optimizations for pay-as-you-go.

NoSQL on Cloud

We employ Azure Cosmos DB to provide native support for NoSQL and OSS APIs including MongoDB, Cassandra, Gremlin and SQL.

Quality Control

We work together with you to create a comprehensive testing methodology. We provide both quality assurance and quality control.

PAAS and Serverless Architecture

Serverless is great! Provides DevOps productivity, allows for a focus on business logic, and provides faster time to market.

Media Solutions on Cloud

We build solutions that achieve high-definition video encoding and broadcast-quality video streaming that reach your audiences on the most popular devices.

DevOps Automation

The ability to reduce your time to market is directly correlated to the ability to obtain fast feedback at every stage of the pipeline, and this can only be done with automation.

Software Testing

We provide both functional and non- functional testing by utilizing manual & automated testing services.


We provide UI and UX consulting and design. We work with the top design studios in India to provide you quality results, for the best value.

Web Applications

We empoy Azure App Service for hosting web applications, REST APIs, and mobile back ends. We develop in your favorite language, be it .NET, .NET Core, Java, Ruby, Node.js, Angular, PHP, or Python.

Container Services on Cloud

We employ Azure Container Service (ACS) to create, configure and manage virtual machines according to our development of containerized applications.

Ideation and Business Impact

We are with you throughout the entire process to ensure that you are making the best product/service possible.